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Where should I order from?

Our Warehouses

Please keep in mind that each warehouse stores a different selection of inventory. All sample orders for the USA will be shipped from the warehouse in Colorado, visit the webstore to see if a sample size of the cacao you are looking for is in stock.

Global Transparent Trade

Verifiable and Published

data for every origin

Our Commitment to Long Term Change

We are dedicated to developing long term relationships with the suppliers we partner with globally. Because all of the cacao we offer is Transparently Traded, you can source with confidence knowing that we have invested in the research necessary to provide any details you may need about the cacao we offer.

Consistent Cacao Evaluation

All of the cacao we offer is

rigorously tested for quality

Connecting You with the Right Cacao

Our team is also dedicated to developing long term relationships with makers. We are happy to support you as you select the right cacao to fit your specific business parameters. Wether you are looking for a special flavor profile, certain certifications or price points we are here to help you find the perfect fit for your products.

Logistics Professionals Spotlight

Maya Mountain team in Belize

with a decade of experience

Logistics Expertise from Origin

You can rely on the expertise of our global partners to ensure that the cacao you need gets to you when you need it. We work hard to ensure that every order placed with us arrives smoothly to its destination in excellent condition.

As part of our commitment to transparency reporting, we can also provide you with several data points regarding the distance your cacao will be traveling on its way to you.

Meet With Our team

Our team is happy to assist you if you are looking to place an order for more than 15kg sample sizes of any of the cacao we offer. Reach out for quotes on shipping and for multiple pallet orders. Click one of the links below to set up a meeting with one of our team members.