What is Transparent Trade?

Transparent Trade is verifiable and published pricing for each and every transaction related to a cacao purchase along the supply chain
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Annual Transparency Reports

We embrace radical transparency as a means to an end, as an approach to enabling global conversations on the importance of cacao pricing and producer profitability for the ultimate goal of a more equitable and accountable way of trading cacao.
As a certified B Corp and Public Benefit Corporation, working together with many partners around the world, we recognize our responsibility and opportunity to decommoditize the cacao industry and do business differently.

Trade is About People

Our industry depends on its cacao producers, and we believe their earnings should reflect that.
So in 2010, we set out to drive producer success through transparent trade. Today, we’re still the only cacao supplier that publishes verifiable data about every transaction along the supply chain, from farmhouse to warehouse.

Pictured is Argentina Cruz López holding a freshly opened cacao pod

Quality Flavor & Aroma

When producers are paid for quality over quantity, wonderful things happen. Cacao stops being grown, harvested, and processed as a commodity.
Traditional and sustainable farming practices turn into competitive advantages. Flavor and aroma matter more than sheer volume.

Building Transparent Connections

We help our customers get to know their cacao producing partners by documenting the stories and data of each cacao.
As a result specialty chocolate makers get a deeper connection to the cacao they work with. Because the closer a chocolate maker is to their beans, the better.

Uncommon Cacao seeks to...

Create accountability for all stakeholders along the supply chain around pricing and margins

Uncommon Cacao seeks to...

Enable consumers & makers to see real data and connect the dots along the entire supply chain

Uncommon Cacao seeks to...

Establish new benchmarks for specialty cacao that look more like long-term partnership

Uncommon Cacao seeks to...

Shift the power dynamic to better equip producers to negotiate their own pricing