2022 Transparency Report

2022 Transparency Report

This week we have published our annual report which tracks and details all of the information you care about as fellow cacao and chocolate lovers.

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Uncommon Reporting

This is our 11th annual Transparency Report publication, and we continue to be the only international cacao trader that publishes farmgate prices paid across our network! We believe that Transparent Trade creates a solid foundation for accountability, deeper connections, and lasting systems change.

Radical Transparency

With this report you get a chance to see two of our big cacao supply chain goals in verifiable action:

First, we aim to drive producer success through Transparent Trade data

Second, to offer specialty chocolate makers and manufactures an authentic connection to producers growing the cacao they work with. 

A Force for Good

As a certified B Corp we complete our recertifications by providing transparent data about all aspects of our business.

The information related to Community, Supply Chain Management, Supplier Practices and Poverty Alleviation in our Transparency Report supports this process by making all of our data readily accessible and by aligning with the B Corp mission of using business as a force for good.   


Some of the amazing partners in our network...

CECAO, Ecuador

CECAO is an Organic, Fair for Life certified cacao operation in Ecuador. Based in Guayaquil they work collaboratively with 10 community- based member associations. Nearly 20% of CECAO's producers are women and they support the producer network to focus on quality, productivity and ecological diversity.  

Pictured here is grower Estella Dutan Barrera

CV Acopio, Guatemala

Cacao Verapaz has been working with small community associations in Cahabón for more than seven years.  In 2022 they also built the Acopio, a central fermentation site to reach and include the hundreds of additional families producing cacao who do not live near the associations.

Pictured here is grower Lorenzo Caal

Miskito, Honduras

La Moskitia forest, stretching across more than 22,000sq km of dense jungle in northeastern Honduras and adjacent Nicaragua, is home to Jaguar, Scarlett Macaw, White-lipped peccary and indigenous Miskitio and Tawahka communities growing deeply rich and chocolately cacao using agroforestry techniques. 

Pictured here is grower Mariana Sanchez Salinas

A Collaborative Process


This report is produced in collaboration with our partners all over the world. In order to better understand areas for attention as we make strategic plans for the future, we asked them what were their biggest challenges from the past year  This graph outlines their answers.

Read the full report to learn more and to get in depth information on a variety of data points shared about 2022.

Read the Full Report Here

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