Unique cacao from Itenez, Bolivia - Wild Harvest

Unique cacao from Itenez, Bolivia - Wild Harvest
Itenez Wild Harvest Cacao is an inspirational bean to work with mainly because the flavor is just undeniably delicious! These beans have a very clear and clean bold chocolate backbone accompanied by a buttery smooth sweetness and finishing off with strong floral notes of vanilla and jasmine. 


It’s noteworthy to mention that these beans are tiny! And packed full of award-winning flavor. Over the years, this cacao has won 28 various awards and counting. The chocolate makers who work with these beans keep coming back for more because their customers can’t get enough.  Since this cacao is foraged and volumes tend to be extremely low, these beans aren’t always available. We are lucky enough to have beans from the 2021 harvest still in stock and 2022 harvest beans on the way. 

Here are some makers who work with the beans if you want to try the chocolate! 

Chokola bean to bar – US

Fruition Chocolate Works - US

Green Bean to Bar - JP

LetterPress Chocolate – US

Solstice Chocolate – US

Patrice Chapon – FR

Zokoko - AU

Palette de bine - CA


Itenez Wild Harvest Cacao is from the region around Baures, Bolivia, close to the Reserva Forestal Itenez and the Río Blanco. These beans are rare, native Beniano cacao from the wild Itenez, Bolivia forests, gathered and processed by local campesinos. All Beniano cacao wild forests are called “chocolatales” in Bolivia. According to Heirloom Cacao Preservation (HCP) genetic tests, the cacao is 97.3% Beniano Boliviano with 2.7% Upper Amazon Forastero. This initiative to support collectors of native, wild cacaos was started by Agricultural Economist and General Manager of Rainforest Exquisite Products S.A. (REPSA) Volker Lehmann, who was responsible for pioneering the wild cacao trade starting in 2004, with the goal to increase the quality of the harvest process in order to ensure economic gains for all involved. The Itenez wild Bolivian beans are very small, but the flavor is robust and floral. We are thrilled to partner with Volker and the communities in Bolivia to offer this unique and special cacao.


These beans recently won 4 awards in 2021 to show the quality and flavor are still consistent and a fan favorite!

According to Chocolate Alchemy, “The chocolate aroma is mouth wateringly bold fudge and clear chocolate with undertones of well tanned leather and burnt sugar… to put this into perspective, this is now in my top 10 cocoa in the last 18 years and precisely why I fell in love with this bean some 12 years ago.” 

We couldn’t agree more! Interested in adding Itenez Wild Harvest Cacao from Bolivia to your origin line-up? Please reach out to us to try a sample or learn more.

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