Transforming the Global Economy

Transforming the Global Economy

In 2017 we joined the movement to make business a force for good and we use the B Impact Assessment to evaluate our impact performance for the workers, communities, customers, suppliers and the environment we engage with. B Corp is a non profit network and the most current numbers show the impact it is already making globally with 566,825 workers from 6,529 companies in 161 industries across 89 countries working to make business a force for good.  

A required verified score of 80 must be achieved to be certified as a Benefit Corporation and we are proud to announce the current Uncommon Cacao score is 108.5

The Goal of Benefit Corporations

“Transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities and the planet for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative world.”

Certification means that as a company we have been verified for meeting high standards for social and environmental impact, that we have made a legal commitment to stakeholder governance, and that we are demonstrating accountability and transparency by disclosing this record of performance in a public B Corp profile. 

We are Passionate about Rising Standards & Systems Change

B Corp Certification does not mean that as a company we are perfect, nor that we have yet achieved our highest impact. It does show that we are a part of a global community of business working collectively for economic systems change, and that in order to stay committed to this work we must meet rising standards for social and environmental performance. This is something we feel passionate about and it is what we start each day engaging with.

Stakeholder Governance & Balancing Interdependence

Stakeholder governance is a growing corporate governance alternative to shareholder primacy — the prevailing doctrine under capitalism that pushes companies to prioritize profit above all else, driving inequality, environmental extraction, and social fragmentation. As a B Corp we make a commitment to consider the interests of all stakeholders engaged in our business operations: the workers, customers, communities, and the environment. 

Maintaining Certification, the Courage & Grit of Improvement

By certifying as a B Corp we have agreed to step into a framework for continuous improvement. In order to maintain our certification as. company we must undertake the assessment and verification process every three years, demonstrating that we are still meeting the standards — which are themselves always improving, with continual input from expert stakeholders.  This takes courage and grit to stick with long term development as a team.

Uncommon Values Women Leaders

As a part of the global movement for transformation we understand the importance of removing the obstacles for women in leadership roles. Uncommon Cacao is a woman led company with women in important positions on the board, leadership teams and as CEO, Hola Emily!

We see these values aligning with the B Corp global leadership team and their board of directors which are both led by 50% women identifying members.



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