Quality Control from Farm to Factory

Quality Control from Farm to Factory

1. Quality in the field

High quality cacao starts at origin beginning with the plants themselves. Cacaogenetics and changing climate conditions require adjustment of fermentation protocols over the course of a season to optimize flavor development. Farmers who produce high quality beans achieve greater business stability, as growing chocolate makers depend on these beans and farmers for their award-winning chocolate. 

2. Focus on Fermentation

Well fermented beans ensure the consistent, unique, and exquisite flavors chocolate makers rely on to craft their chocolate confections. Under-fermented beans are usually bitter, astringent, and green tasting. Over-fermented beans can taste musty, cheesy, and putrid. We closely manage the fermentation process through rigorous testing at multiple checkpoints from Brix testing through digital temperature management to deliver the unique and delicate flavor profiles you seek in your cacao.

3. Export Preparation

After fermentation and drying, preparation of beans for export is an integral part of providing the highest quality cacao. Our origins both hand and machine sort dried cacao, removing defective beans and seeking consistency in size. Our liquor labs at origin approve each fermentation batch for flavor profile matching, ensuring our customers only receive the very best beans from the lots produced.

4. Uncommon Quality

We track the quality, transparency, management and governance, and social and environmental impact at each and every one of our origins. We also evaluate pre-ship and landed samples in house, with cut and moisture tests, lab testing for pathogens, metals, and fats, as well as liquor tastings. With intensive and ongoing training, we closely manage the quality of your beans so you can craft the highest quality chocolate.  

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