Highlights from Guatemala Chocolate Week

Highlights from Guatemala Chocolate Week

Highlights from Uncommon Cacao's June Guatemala Chocolate Week!

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The group started off with a rafting trip and surprise visit to Chivite where they saw the cacao farm and met the association for the first time. This was followed by a warm welcome at Cahabón where the team toured the cacao nursery, danced with the elders and marveled at their beautiful and deliciously huge beans (we also learned they are from a UF varietal!). Then they took a brief respite at Semuc Champey in Lanquin to soak in the natural beauty of Guatemala before heading to a delicious farm-to-table meal at Finca Chimelb. After the meal, the team trucked around the property learning about the farms growing plans and processing methods. They then returned to Coban with another warm welcome from Cacao Verapaz team. The group was thrilled to taste the beans they had been immersed in all week and to learn about our rigorous quality control practices (Thank you Roy, Teddy and CV team!). It was an education and fun trip filled with meeting indigenous Q’eqchi’ Maya cacao farmers & association leaders, learning about smallholder cacao farming and the fermentation process.

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