We believe farmer prosperity is a key ingredient in good food. Uncommon Cacao boldly embraces transparent trade to source quality cacao from producers we trust. Our purpose is to build authentic, long-term relationships across the supply chain to create stability and success for all.

About Us

Uncommon Cacao started its work in 2010, building Maya Mountain Cacao in Belize to create meaningful market access for smallholder cacao farmers. After catalyzing unparalleled impact for farmer families in the country, and receiving enormous demand for our product and process, in 2013 Uncommon Cacao founded Cacao Verapaz in Guatemala. These companies have revolutionized local economies by linking small holder farmers to the specialty cacao industry, through a focus on consistently delivering quality beans.

Today, with growing demand for our cacao, Uncommon Cacao is growing further into the supply chain to drive maximum value to producer groups at origin. Uncommon Cacao Source + Trade enables us to collaborate with more producer groups on delivering the highest quality cacaos, and provide added-value sourcing services to craft chocolate makers and chocolatiers globally. Together, we can build a more fair and sustainable specialty cacao supply chain.