Origin Story

The Sierra Nevada is a majestic mountain range in the northern part of Colombia, bordering the stunning beaches of the Caribbean coast and reaching up to 18,700 ft in altitude. Cacao de Colombia recently installed a state-of-the-art fermentation and drying center in the lower-altitude community of Macondo, where they primarily source cacao from approximately 10 farming families in the department of Magdalena. Farmers’ degree of technical expertise stands out as outstanding: farmers are even running their own pollination trials to improve quality and yields, which are currently around 700 Kg/hectare in the region. Cacao de Colombia has been providing technical assistance and a stable market to farmers in the Sierra Nevada for the last 6 years, and the results are clear in both the quality of the cacao and the impact on farmers. Farmers are reporting a 72% higher annual income than before this new market existed, and Cacao Hunters’ Sierra Nevada 64% bar with this cacao won the gold award for best chocolate in the world in 2016. 

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Here at Uncommon Cacao, we closely manage the quality of the beans in our supply chain through rigorous evaluation and ongoing training. We're proud to offer you the highest ultra-premium quality beans, which allow chocolate makers to create their award-winning chocolate. Farmers who produce high quality beans achieve greater business stability, and all in this supply chain benefit. 


1 International Chocolate Award 2018

2 Academy of Chocolate Awards 2018

International Chocolate Award 2017, Silver

 Academy of Chocolate 2017

 Academy of Chocolate 2016

 Academy of Chocolate 2015