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Origin Story

The Association of Organic Producers for Integrated Development of the Polochic (APODIP) comprises 495 smallholder farming families in the lush Polochic Valley of southeastern Alta Verapaz, including 126 women as primary cacao producers in the association. While APODIP is one of Cacao Verapaz’s newest partners, and only began fermenting cacao in April 2016, the association was founded in 2003 and has been producing and exporting certified Organic coffee for 13 years. Farmers live throughout 35 communities across the Polochic Valley, which neighbors a forest reserve called La Reserva de Biosfera Sierra de las Minas, and the association is partially responsible for protecting this 2,400 square km reserve which varies between 150 and 3,000 meters in altitude. The Polochic Valley is said to be one of the hottest micro-climates in Guatemala, which, paired with the relatively small size of the cacao seeds (which might be a unique trait of the clones growing in this region), helps produce a high fermentation rate in the cacao and unique flavor profile. We find the cacao to have a balanced nutty, chocolatey flavor with some caramel notes.



Here at Uncommon Cacao, we closely manage the quality of the beans in our supply chain through rigorous evaluation and ongoing training. We're proud to offer you the highest ultra-premium quality beans, which allow chocolate makers to create their award-winning chocolate. Farmers who produce high quality beans achieve greater business stability, and all in this supply chain benefit. 


Academy of Chocolate Awards 2018

International Chocolate Awards 2017, Silver