Asochivite, Guatemala - 2017 Harvest


Asochivite, Guatemala - 2017 Harvest


1 kilogram sample bag

Warehoused New Jersey & Amsterdam

Flavor Notes: Mango, sweet, bright fruit

This bean is available in our Ultra-Premium, or Premium qualities.

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*Please note, we have a 5kg maximum sample order size per origin.

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Uncommon Quality

Chivite beans are available in two qualities, Ultra-Premium and Premium.

Chivite Ultra-premium beans meet fermentation expectations, are hand sorted, packed in grain pro, contain ideal humidity levels, contain no internal or external mold, and hit the target, fruity and bright, flavor profile of Chivite beans.

Our Lanquín blend Premium beans are provided at a lower price point. These beans are provided at a lower cost because overproduction allows us to buy beans at market price from our association partners who have sourced outside of the association into neighboring communities. While similar in flavor profile and size, Lanquín beans do not meet all ultra-premium targets, and provide the perfect price-entry point for chocolate makers wanting to start crafting delicious chocolate with these fruity and bright beans.

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