Buying beans from Uncommon Cacao

How do I buy cacao beans from Uncommon?

Whether you are an experienced chocolate maker or new to cacao confections, were here to help you source delicious unique cacao for your next chocolate creation.

Step 1: Email our sales director Anjuli Dharna ( She’ll introduce you to our cacao, and help you choose the origin you're looking for whether its based on origin, flavor profile, or price. We sell cacao in sacks (56-80 kg/sack depending on the origin) which are housed in warehouses in New Jersey (US/CDN customers) and Amsterdam (UK & EU customers).  For smaller orders or hobbyists looking to try out new beans, try ordering samples first here to test out 1-5 kg bags of our beans.

Step 2: We arrange domestic shipping through LTL freight channels.

Step 3: Once beans are shipped you can expect to receive your sack about 2 weeks after order.

We’re here to provide you with a transparent, ethical, and excellent experience purchasing cacao. After you have received your cacao, let us know what you think! Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and let us know what you’ve made! We love seeing the creativity and new confections chocolate makers come up with using Uncommon origins!

What origins are available now? When will out of stock origins be available?

Our price sheet can show you all origins that are currently available-updated every month.

We try to keep all samples and origins available, but availability is based on the harvest cycle. Please contact us by phone or email for the most up to date availability on our beans, as they are subject to selling out before new beans arrive in stock.

Can I purchase samples before committing to a larger order?

Yes! A maximum of 5kg per origin can be ordered as samples to test out any of our origins that are in-stock. Head to our samples page to learn more about each origin and place your order. Please note, sample stock does not reflect our current stock for orders of sacks of beans. 

How much do beans cost?

Our beans range in price from 4.00 to 8.80 a sack. Our prices are updated monthly to provide you with the most accurate, fair, and affordable pricing on our beans. Take a look at our pricing sheet here for specific prices on your beans.

How are beans shipped?

Beans are shipped through LTL freight channels and we are happy to help organize shipping within the US. If you are international, we ask that you arrange your own shipping. If you have a customs broker and are located in Canada, then our freight service can extend to include you as well.

Can I reserve beans for the future?

Yes, we are glad to reserve cacao for future orders and require a 15% deposit to do so. We also ask that you cover the cost of storage, which is usually between $4-5.50 per sack per month or $40-60 per ton per month. This is the best way to guarantee your supply is there when you need it.

How do I pay for beans?

We ask that you pay for beans upfront if this is out first time working with us. If you have already ordered with us, we are happy to discuss financing options. Our invoice system is run through Paypal. 

What is your minimum order size?

1 sack of beans is our minimum order size. If you are looking for smaller orders, try ordering samples in 1-5kg amounts. 

What type of testing does Uncommon offer for their cacao?

We test our beans for heavy metals bi-annually and microbial testing for every harvest and shipment. Please contact us for lab analysis for the beans in your order. 


Online Shopping

How long will it take for my sample order to ship?

Our sample orders ship 7-14 days after order. You will receive shipping and tracking information in an email once your samples have shipped.

Can samples be shipped internationally?

Samples can be shipped internationally for an additional fee (depending on the country you are from). Contact us using the button below to have samples shipped internationally.

Who do I contact if I want to order more then a sample?

Contact our sales director, Anjuli (, to order full sacks of any of our beans.

What is the maximum sample size I can order?

Our maximum sample size is 5 kg per origin. Please contact if you would like to begin ordering full sacks of our beans.

Shipping & Storage

Where are the beans stored?

We have two warehouses where all Uncommon beans are stored. Our New Jersey warehouse stores all beans shipping to the US, Canada, and Mexico. Our Amsterdam warehouse stores our beans shipping to the UK and EU.

How should I store my cacao?

Cool and dry storage is key. This prevents flavor degradation and mold growth, and keeps insects from maturing and damaging cacao. Airtight or vacuum-sealed bags/ boxes are advisable to keep beans dry. Unroasted cacao beans will last for up to a year in polythene-lined burlap bags when stored in a cool, dry location, such as a pantry with an ambient humidity level of less than 70%. Cacao beans are subject to becoming rancid and over-fermenting when stored in temperatures greater than 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Under excellent storage conditions (refrigerated and airtight), some chocolate makers keep beans for up to 5 years. Cacao tends to absorb the surrounding aromas and flavors; store separately from other fragrant products.

How do you ship full sacks of cacao?

Beans are shipped through LTL freight channels and we are happy to help organize shipping within the US. If you are international, we ask that you arrange your own shipping. If you have a customs broker and are located in Canada, then our freight service can extend to include you as well.

How long will it take for my beans to arrive?

If the cacao is already warehoused in the USA (New Jersey), we ask that you leave 10 business days for your order. Once you submit payment, the warehouse requires 3 business days to prepare, palletize and wrap your shipment. Then we ship your order, which normally takes up to 7 business days.

Does uncommon arrange shipping?

Yes, we are happy to help with US domestic shipping, and can help with Canadian orders if you have a customs broker. If you are located outside of the US, we ask that you arrange your own shipping.

Can I arrange my own shipping?


Does Uncommon ship internationally?

At this time we do not organize shipping from our USA stock to Europe, Asia, Africa, or Central/ South America. We are happy to refer you to shipping companies who can help. We have a stock in Amsterdam and DHL that can help arrange shipping from that location.

What if the cacao gets damaged in transit?

We have a policy! Uncommon Cacao strives to deliver excellent customer service throughout the entire cacao sourcing process. We work with partner companies to facilitate the transport of cacao beans from suppliers into the warehouse, storage of cacao in the warehouse, and transport from the warehouse to you.

While we do not do these supply chain logistics ourselves, it is of utmost importance to us that we work closely with these partners to provide customer service to you. Despite our best efforts, sometimes issues arise. The following protocol is helpful in resolving any issues speedily and smoothly.

In the unlikely case that the beans arrive in anything but top form, for example:

(1) if there are any rips in the sack,

(2) if the carrier delivers the beans improperly, or

(3) if the cacao has gotten wet or damaged in some way

There are important steps we’d like you to take.

(1) Please first make sure to take photos of the delivery.

(2) Please clearly indicate on the driver's receipt the extent of any damage that has taken place.

(3) Please notify us immediately of the situation so we can start a claims process and ensure that no one is charged for the delivery company's error.

Thank you for helping us continue to improve our services as your cacao supplier!