Cahabón: A testimonial from Cocoa Rustica

"I first heard about Cahabón cacao from Emily and Anjuli at Uncommon Cacao. I was intrigued by the fact that the beans were twice the size of most any conventional cacao on the market. At the same time, I was given a taste of the chocolate made from them by Anjuli and felt it would be quite unique to turn them into Cocoa Rustica, my 100% cacao drinking and cooking chocolate. The people I chose to transform my Cahabón beans into Cocoa Rustica are Adam and Dustin from Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate, some of the best chocolatiers in the business. I ordered a 120 lb sack from Uncommon Cacao and commissioned a batch. At first, they were not sure if these beans would measure up to their demanding standards,  but as Adam told me, they were very pleased with the results. There is no bitterness to this bean, even with no added sweeteners or flavorings! This makes it a great cacao base to add more flavors to. For my part, I've been experimenting with cooking with it, expanding far beyond the usual Mexican moles to include pasta and barbecue sauces, East Indian and Southeast Asian curries, and even hot sauce(!). The hot sauce is truly formidable. We already know and love Guatemala, most especially the Maya indigenous culture there, and given our experience with Cahabón cacao we've decided to make a pilgrimage to the Cahabón association on our trip to Guatemala next fall. We look forward to seeing where this extraordinary cacao comes from and meeting the people who grow it. We thank Emily and Anjuli for pointing us toward this amazing cacao. Cahabón is right up there with our Madagascar, which is always exceptional!"