Celebrating the 2019 International Chocolate Awards

Congratulations to all of our chocolate making partners on their big wins! It's always a happy day for us when we get to celebrate the hard work of our chocolate makers, farmers and export partners. With 35 wins and counting, we're pumped to keep working with you to provide beans that makers can count on for their amazing chocolate.

Gold: Castronovo Chocolate  (United States) – Tumaco, Colombia Dark Milk 60%, Silver – Tumaco, Colombia Dark Milk 60%, Bronze – Sierra Nevada, Colombia Dark Milk 63%

Bronze: French Broad Chocolates  (United States) – Guatemala 73% Dark Chocolate

Silver: Dandelion Chocolate  (United States) – Tumaco, Colombia-2017 Harvest, 70%

Silver: East Van Roasters  (Canada) – Lachuá, Guatemala 70%

Silver: Eldora Chocolate  (United States) – Guatemala Polochic 70%

Silver: Fresco  (United States) – Polochic Guatemala 70% Medium Roast, Bronze -- Dominican Republic 72% Medium Roast

Silver: Palette de Bine  (Canada) – Haïti Pisa 70%

Bronze: Avanaa Chocolat  (Canada) – Tumaco 70%

Bronze: Chokola bean to bar  (United States) – 70 Belize, Maya Mountain, Lachuá, Guatemala,  and Tumaco. Go Javier!

Bronze: Goodnow Farms Chocolate  (United States) – Asochivite, 77%

Bronze: Hazel Hill Chocolate  (United States) – Mayan Mountain 75% – Belize, Öko-Caribe 70% – Dominican Republic

Bronze: Hummingbird Chocolate Maker  (Canada) – Tumaco 70%

Bronze: Jacek Chocolate Couture  (Canada) – Colombia 70%

Bronze: Kin+Pod  (Canada) – 70% Tumaco Colombia

Bronze: Lucy Meifield Chocolate  (United States) – Guatemala 70%

Bronze: Monarch Chocolates  (Canada) – Jaguar 70% 

Bronze: Stone Grindz Chocolate  (United States) – Wild Bolivia 70%

Bronze: Sirene  (Canada) – Lachuá Dark Milk

Silver: Areté  (United States) – Colombia Tumaco 56% Dark Milk Chocolate

Silver: Videri Chocolate Factory  (United States) – 55% Dark Milk Chocolate

Bronze: Hummingbird Chocolate Maker  (Canada) – Tumaco Dark Milk

Silver: Zak’s Chocolate  (United States) – Belize Maya Mtn Sonoran Desert White

Silver: Fruition Chocolate Works  (United States) – Hudson Bourbon Dark Milk 61% (**), Spring Salted Dark Milk 56% (**), Bronze -- Brown Butter Milk Chocolate 43%, Pecans w/ Maple Cinnamon Milk Chocolate (**), Dominican Hispaniola 68%

Silver: Sirene  (Canada) – Ch’abil (**)

Silver: Chocotenango  (United States) – Cardamom (**), Loco for coco (**), Rosemary and Fig (**), Bronze -- 54% milk chocolate with Raspberry (**)

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