In memory of Gabriel Pop, co-founder of Maya Mountain Cacao

In memory of Gabriel Pop, proud father, brother, son, and co-founder of Maya Mountain Cacao. When Maya Mountain Cacao first was established as a business, Gabriel worked tirelessly alongside Emily Stone to educate smallholder cacao farmers and spread enthusiasm for the concept of centralized fermentation and drying. The purchasing of wet cacao beans was an absolute paradigm shift and long-term game changer for all of the cacao farmers of Belize.

Gabriel was an instrumental pioneer in shaping Maya Mountain Cacao Ltd. to be able to work with farmers to purchase high quality wet cacao and ultimately become the farmer-focused, quality-focused company we are today as the largest exporter of cacao in Belize. We will remember Gabriel as a visionary who was always ready to look beyond the status quo for innovative solutions to complex issues in the cacao industry.