Uncommon Cacao Heads to Chocoa!

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Our founder, Emily Stone will be presenting at the Chocoa Conference in Amsterdam on 21 and 22 February. The theme of this years Chocoa conference is "Choconomics and Cocoa Politics", and Emily will be speaking about the importance of Transparent Trade and what it means to act as a responsible intermediary. If you are attending, be sure not to miss it!

Check out the Conference programme here: https://www.chocoa.nl/conference

Check out Chocoa’s bio on emily here:

→ “Emily Stone is the co-founder and CEO of Uncommon Cacao. She has spent the greater part of the last decade deep in the jungles of Central America, creating meaningful market access for thousands of indigenous Maya smallholder farmers through supply chain companies connecting these farmers with premium and craft chocolate makers around the world. Uncommon Cacao, her group of cacao processing, export and sales operations spanning Central America and the U.S., delivers excellent quality cacao through completely transparent business transactions to chocolate makers, while driving meaningful change in cacao growing communities through transparent pricing, targeted technical assistance, and long term partnerships. Emily is the only Ashoka Fellow in the chocolate supply chain so far, and her work has been recognized for impact by Acumen Fund, Agora Partnerships, and Unilever. Emily is a graduate of Georgetown University.” #Chocoa2019

👉 Get your ticket to the Conference here: www.chocoa.nl/conference