Winners of the 2018 International Chocolate Awards!

At Maya Mountain Cacao & Cacao Verapaz, our origin operations, our teams work tirelessly to bridge geographic, economic and cultural gaps by connecting rural farmers with an international craft chocolate market. Both Maya Mountain and Cacao Verapaz are constantly pushing boundaries to find new cacao sources, improve quality control and export more ultra premium and delicious cacao.

We are proud and honored to announce that between both Maya Mountain Cacao and Cacao Verapaz, in partnership with many hard-working chocolate makers listed below, collectively won 25 awards at the 2018 International Chocolate Awards.

Shout out to these makers for their incredible chocolate making skillz and creative new flavor combinations with these wonderful beans:

-Dick Taylor (Maya Mountain)

-Dandelion (Maya Mountain Belize 2015 & 2016)

-Boho Chocolate (Maya Mountain)
-Cultura Craft Chocolate (Maya Mountain)
-Cacao 70 (Chivite)
-Goodnow Farms  (Chivite)
-Chocolat Encuentro(Chivite)
-Kakau Worship (Chivite)
-French Broad  (Lachuá)
-Mayer Schokoladen(Lachuá & Maya Mountain Cacao)
-Coco Caravan (Lachuá)
-Fresh Coast Chocolate Co (Maya Mountain)
-Fresco (Polochic)