Re-sealable Zip Ties!


Buying Samples Online

Our sample bags now come with resealable zip ties! Now you can use, and re-use your cacao samples while preserving freshness and flavor as you draw from our sample bags and experiment! We wanted to offer a way to keep the cacao sealed off but still accessible. Cool and dry storage is key for storing your cacao and preserving freshness. Cacao tends to absorb the surrounding aromas and flavors, so be sure to store separately from other fragrant products.

In-Stock Sample Order Origins


We've recently added some important updates, and now explains the How To's of ordering beans. Whether your an experienced chocolate maker or new to cacao confections, were here to help you source delicious unique cacao for your next chocolate creation. 

Email our sales director Anjuli Dharna ( to begin the order process. She’ll introduce you to our cacao, and help you choose the origin you're looking for whether its based on origin, flavor profile, or price. We sell cacao in sacks (56-80 kg/sack depending on the origin) which are housed in in New Jersey (US/CDN customers) and Amsterdam (UK & EU customers).  

For smaller orders or hobbyists looking to try out new beans, try ordering samples first here to test out 1-5 kg bags of our beans.