Wknd Chocolate Podcast: Emily Stone, Uncommon Cacao


Episode 19: Emily Stone CEO Of Uncommon Cacao, Supply Chain Specialist, Entrepreneur, Activist

Emily Stone has positioned herself as a leader and innovator in the cacao supply chain by linking the craft / premium chocolate industry with an ever-growing portfolio of smallholder farmer partners in 6 Latin American and Caribbean countries, including indigenous communities in Belize and Guatemala. She's navigated organic certification models, antiquated commodity structures, and built a team of empowered changemakers, all of this in favor of direct relationships, sustainable agroforestry landscapes, and centralized fermentation for high-quality fine flavor cacao. 

Eight years after co-founding Maya Mountain Cacao in 2010 (of which Uncommon Cocoa Group is the umbrella), Uncommon Cacao now connects more than 4,000+ direct relationships at origin with 150 chocolate companies across the world who import their certified organic dried cocoa beans to make single origin chocolates and confections. 


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