Fundraise with us on Kiva to help farmers at Lachuá, Chivite, and Cahabón produce cacao this season!

Here’s how you can contribute:

  1. Create a profile at

  2. Put $25 (or $50, or $100, or $1000!) into your Kiva account

  3. Go to the lending page of one of these four (or all four!) associations:

    1. ASODIRP (Lachuá):

    2. ASOSELNOR (Lachuá):

    3. ADEMAYACH (Chivite):

    4. ADIOESMAC (Cahabón):

  4. Click “Lend Now” - it will be added to your basket

  5. Go to your Basket, and Check Out! **


Uncommon Cacao has renewed our long-standing partnership with, an international nonprofit that connects people through lending to alleviate poverty. Kiva enables individuals - anywhere in the world - to lend as little as $25 toward an entrepreneur, farmer, or small business owner. This $25, in combination with $25 increments from millions of other lenders, provides working capital financing to entrepreneurs, farmers, and small business owners around the world, who otherwise would not be able to obtain a loan.

In 2013, Maya Mountain Cacao fundraised on the Kiva platform to provide working capital financing for smallholder farmers in Belize. These loans helped farmers buy tools, expand their land, graft their trees, and/or pay for an extra helping hand during the harvest season so that they could expand and improve upon their cacao businesses.

This year, we are excited to be able fundraise for working capital financing to the associations that our partner company, Cacao Verapaz buys from, in Guatemala. Every year, at the start of the cacao harvest season, these associations struggle without working capital. For the first month of the season, the association is buying and processing cacao, but doesn’t yet have any finished product to sell to Cacao Verapaz. Thus, they have limited cash. This can be highly problematic, as farmers have been waiting almost a year, since the last harvest season, for their cacao income. It is critical for farmers that the association have cash to pay them upon delivery. This way, they have immediate access to income, and so farmers are more interested in delivering beans to the association.

This year, we are fundraising the capital needed for these associations on Kiva:

  1. Two of the associations that produce the cacao for the Lachuá beans Uncommon Cacao sells are fundraising on Kiva: ASODIRP and ASOSELNOR. Each are fundraising a sum of $3900 for the season, to buy both organic and conventional cacao that they will ultimately sell to Cacao Verapaz.

  2. ADEMAYACH, which is the name of the association for our Chivite beans, is also fundraising on Kiva. They are also asking for $3900 for their season, to produce both organic and conventional beans.

  3. Finally, ADIOESMAC, in the Cahabón region of Alta Verapaz, is fundraising $5500 for their season.


We are thrilled to be able to help provide capital to these associations through Kiva. They have worked incredibly hard since Cacao Verapaz started exporting from Guatemala in 2015, growing their volumes every year (this year is no exception!). We also love the partnership with Kiva, because it enables several things that would otherwise not be possible:

  1. These loans are too small for traditional agriculture lenders, who normally ask for a minimum of $50,000-$100,000 per harvest season. Without Kiva, we wouldn’t have another lender to go to for this capital.

  2. These loans are interest free! This means the associations simply repay the principle!

  3. These loans are low risk. If you lend $25, the most you lose is $25 if it isn’t repaid. If it is repaid, you can either re-lend to another borrower, or take your money out of the Kiva system.

  4. This is a great opportunity for you to positively contribute to these communities, outside of buying beans. Without this funding, the associations cannot buy the cacao they need to sustain their businesses

Help us show support for these communities that bring you your favorite cacao beans to life by lending today!

** note, Kiva will add on a suggested donation - this is not a required portion of your transaction, but Kiva is a non-profit, and get a significant amount of funding through these donations.