Winners of the 2018 International Chocolate Awards!

We're so proud of our incredible chocolate making partners for their hard earned awards at the 2018 International Chocolate Awards. Shout out to 

Chocolat Encuentro  (France) –  won the silver award with 70% Guatemala – Asochivite 

Martin Mayer Schokoladen(Austria) – won three silver awards for Alto Beni – Bolivia, 

Lachuá – Guatemala, and Maya Mountain – Belize. 

Cococaravan  (United Kingdom) –won the bronze award with their 70% Lachuá bar. 

Kakau Worship  (Greece) – won the bronze award with Kakau Worship 90% Guatemala Collection

Congratulations everyone!

Re-sealable Zip Ties!


Buying Samples Online

Our sample bags now come with resealable zip ties! Now you can use, and re-use your cacao samples while preserving freshness and flavor as you draw from our sample bags and experiment! We wanted to offer a way to keep the cacao sealed off but still accessible. Cool and dry storage is key for storing your cacao and preserving freshness. Cacao tends to absorb the surrounding aromas and flavors, so be sure to store separately from other fragrant products.

In-Stock Sample Order Origins


We've recently added some important updates, and now explains the How To's of ordering beans. Whether your an experienced chocolate maker or new to cacao confections, were here to help you source delicious unique cacao for your next chocolate creation. 

Email our sales director Anjuli Dharna ( to begin the order process. She’ll introduce you to our cacao, and help you choose the origin you're looking for whether its based on origin, flavor profile, or price. We sell cacao in sacks (56-80 kg/sack depending on the origin) which are housed in in New Jersey (US/CDN customers) and Amsterdam (UK & EU customers).  

For smaller orders or hobbyists looking to try out new beans, try ordering samples first here to test out 1-5 kg bags of our beans.


Cacao de Colombia


Cacao de Colombia has been providing technical assistance and a stable market to farmers in the Sierra Nevada region for the last 6 years, and the results are clear in both the quality of the cacao and the impact on farmers. Farmers are reporting a 72% higher annual income than before this new market existed, and Cacao Hunters' Sierra Nevada 64% bar won the gold award for best chocolate in the world in 2016. We can taste the balance of fruits and nuts in the cacao from Sierra Nevada, with a smooth cocoa baseline. Want to get your hands on some of this incredible cacao? DM us to order our Sierra Nevada cacao. #beans #cacao #chocolate#chocolatemaker #beantobar #craft#craftchocolate #colombia #origin#supplychain

Quality Control from Farm to Factory


1. Quality in the field

High quality cacao starts at origin beginning with the plants themselves. Cacaogenetics and changing climate conditions require adjustment of fermentation protocols over the course of a season to optimize flavor development. Farmers who produce high quality beans achieve greater business stability, as growing chocolate makers depend on these beans and farmers for their award-winning chocolate. 


2. Focus on Fermentation

Well fermented beans ensure the consistent, unique, and exquisite flavors chocolate makers rely on to craft their chocolate confections. Under-fermented beans are usually bitter, astringent, and green tasting. Over-fermented beans can taste musty, cheesy, and putrid. We closely manage the fermentation process through rigorous testing at multiple checkpoints from Brix testing through digital temperature management to deliver the unique and delicate flavor profiles you seek in your cacao.


3. Export Preparation

After fermentation and drying, preparation of beans for export is an integral part of providing the highest quality cacao. Our origins both hand and machine sort dried cacao, removing defective beans and seeking consistency in size. Our liquor labs at origin approve each fermentation batch for flavor profile matching, ensuring our customers only receive the very best beans from the lots produced.


4. Uncommon Quality

We track the quality, transparency, management and governance, and social and environmental impact at each and every one of our origins. We also evaluate pre-ship and landed samples in house, with cut and moisture tests, lab testing for pathogens, metals, and fats, as well as liquor tastings. With intensive and ongoing training, we closely manage the quality of your beans so you can craft the highest quality chocolate.  


Tumaco: A wealth of flavor

Have you tried our Tumaco, Colombia beans? These deliciously nutty, rich, and fudgy beans are ideal to work with for all confectioners, chocolate makers, and ice cream manufacturers alike. 
These beans can take almost any roast profile and you’ll uncover a wealth of new flavors as you experiment with which you like most. Roasting on the lighter side, showcases the beans inherent floral notes, while a medium to heavier roast brings out caramel, vanilla and whiskey notes. 
With a unique unmatched creaminess, these beans are perfect for for your next chocolate creation.

Bean Spotlight: Tumaco Colombia!


In Tumaco, Colombia we work with three associations through Cacao de Colombia: Cortepaz, Corpoteva, and Bajo Mira. 
These three associations have been doing research with the University of Nariño to identify native cacao genetics found in the region. They’ve now narrowed down nine genetic varietals they believe are the native cacaos of the region, and are maintaining a clonal garden to eventually farm seedlings to distribute widely to more farmers in their network. 
We are excited to see this growth and resurgence of native genetic cacaos, not only because the cacao coming out of Cortepaz, Corpoteva, and Bajo Mira are delicious and chocolatey, but also because it represents more stable economic growth and security in the Tumaco region.

Try Tumaco, Colombia beans today by ordering samples or emailing