Origin Story

The Arauca region lies on the border of Colombia and Venezuela along the Arauca River basin. The region is rich in ecological resources, biodiversity, and fertile floodplain soil where some of the best cacao in the country grows. Cacao is an important source of employment for female heads of households and has helped in the recovery of peace to the region. The cacao from Arauca is full of depth with a sweet aroma and comforting flavors of nectarine, honeysuckle, cream, and cashew.

Over 600 species of birds populate these fertile river banks where the cacao trees grow to sweet perfection. Arauca beans come from a private farm run by Elizabeth Agudelo who is a second generation cacao farmer. Elizabeth has identified Arauqita5 which is a native cacao on her farm. The production capacity of this farm is about 10MT, and the farm meets the fermentation and drying standards set by Cacao de Colombia and Uncommon Cacao, ensuring high and consistent quality for these delicate and delicious beans.


Here at Uncommon Cacao, we closely manage the quality of the beans in our supply chain through rigorous evaluation and ongoing training. We're proud to offer you the highest ultra-premium quality beans, which allow chocolate makers to create their award-winning chocolate. Farmers who produce high quality beans achieve greater business stability, and all in this supply chain benefit.