Uncommon Cacao boldly embraces transparent trade to source quality cacao.

What is Transparent Trade?

Transparent Trade is verifiable, published pricing for every transaction related to a cacao purchase along the supply chain, including information about who produced it and where.


We're pleased to share our 2017 Transparency Report with you. This is our sixth annual report and covers our work across six countries at the 14 unique origins where we sourced our delicious cacaos in 2017. 

Uncommon Cacao believes it’s time for radical transparency in the chocolate supply chain. Sharing information about prices, per-farmer production, participation of women, and other origin realities builds value for producers and consumers. It creates a deeper understanding for all who rely on this supply chain for their businesses and livelihoods. 

We welcome you to download the Transparency Report and our press release. Please share it with anyone you think will be excited to learn about the Uncommon Cacao supply chain: discerning chocoholics, storytellers looking for a scoop, chocolate makers who might be Uncommon, investors who might like to join our mission or anyone who needs a little inspiration.


Uncommon Cacao cultivates supply chain transparency by publishing transparency reports annually. Download historical reports:

In this report we describe ourselves as a systems change company - and we mean it. Many companies are waking up to how business can create positive social and environmental change. We are grateful and excited to be a part of the bold new vision of cacao farmer prosperity, and thrilled to share this report with you that covers some of our impact to date!

We are also pleased to share our process for data collection and verification for both the transparency report, as well as our internal information database.