Origin Story

ABOCFA is a Ghana based farmer cooperative known for producing the highest quality traceable cacao in the region. This cacao provides the classic rich, fudgey and chocolatey flavor consumers have come to know and love in chocolate. Organic certified in 2009 and Fair Trade certified in 2010, ABOCFA is one of four Organic/Fair Trade farmer cooperatives in Ghana. A total of 679 farmers and 166 female farmers work within the ABOCFA network, from 13 “hamlets” or communities. Each of the 13 hamlets has 3 representatives that report directly to the ABOCFA cooperative leadership, which has annual general meetings once per year, in July. ABOCFA is unique in that not only do they use a bean tracker system to trace beans from the farmer to export (something not currently done in Ghana, since CocoaBod, the Ghanaian export body, technically owns the cacao once it’s harvested) but they also democratically decide where quality and Fair Trade premiums go every year. Currently, the farmers voted that at least 50% of premiums go directly to farmers, while the remainder is spent on cooperative management, certification maintenance, and community projects. Much focus and investment is also put toward quality at ABOCFA; for example, while the cacao is not centrally fermented and farmers use heap fermentation, ABOCFA trains farmers to use their approved 7 day fermentation, and raised drying processes, and evaluates each batch when it is purchased. Because it is Organic certified, the cacao is kept in a warehouse with only 3 other cooperative’s beans before export, as opposed to conventional cacao warehouses, that house hundreds of cooperatives’ beans. ABOCFA has partnered with the International Cocoa Initiative, a non profit that promotes child well-being in cocoa growing communities. Their focus on child labor issues in the cacao supply chain is an important step in enfranchising communities to eradicate the instances of child slavery and labor that have plagued the cacao supply chain in West Africa.

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Uncommon Quality

ABOCFA beans are available in Premium Quality.

Our Premium beans are provided at a lower price point. These beans, while similar in flavor profile and size to our Ultra Premium beans, do not meet all ultra-premium targets, and provide the perfect price-entry point for chocolate makers wanting to start crafting delicious chocolate with these rich and fudgey beans.